When it Fell, we all heard the world scream. The Mother who gave us life and the Father that sheltered us. The Brother that walked beside us, and the Sister who beheld this all to culminate in the singular event that would rock us to our very cores.

It shuddered and cried with the sound of a million of discordant tears. The trees, the mountains, the oceans, the deserts, the feral, the sentient, the Light and the Dark. And it cried for many days. All people cried from the Pain. And when finally the Dark and Light ceased their cries we grew brave. We ventured from of safety, within the caves and vaults of the Dark and from the depths of the winds and Water of the Light.

The first steps were painful. And it would hurt. No one knew why. And for the most part, we still don’t. But most did not care; they fought against the pain of the Light and the Dark to reclaim lost empires, or to steal material wealth and wisdoms, to try and take such banal things from those who held it Before.

There is a time when all things must end. It is the natural cycle of life, one of those immutable rules that brings all to tears, even though, logically, they should expect it and therefore be prepared. People plan for storms, for military action, educational systems, clothing and common needs any one might need for any reason.

So why can’t we be prepared for death? If we live our lives knowing that death could come at any moment, would we live our lives in a perpetual state of hyper-awareness? Would we become reckless and uncaring since there was nothing could change this immutable finality? Maybe a calm peace would gather us up in a warm notion of live life as you want to live. You might die today, but today, instead of sitting down quiet you leap from the Brow of Kuliun, some thousands of vas-unis in height. And not in a fatalistic and neurotic fashion. But you did this thing because you wanted to. You did this thing as if it were going to be final. So you live for yourself as you see fit.

After all, the world died. So what does that say to us, that survived the death of Adeaia. We had been given a morbid refrain even though the whole of or world had passed before us. Even the Divine have left this realm. No All-Powerful entity. No All-Knowing consciousness. Just us. Just some random ninety-seven per cent of us all, no rhyme or reason. They all die. We few live. So if even your God died, would you walk on? Could you?

But we have little choice now. We try to live with things that the nature of all things dealt to us. This is beyond the end. Now we live on in the future. And that line is not so thin a thing. After all, we survived but Adeaia died.

What does that make us?

And a Star Falls

But while it breathed deep and long, so did the rhythm of life. Over a few centuries, we grew powerful. Crystalline towers danced in light from morning to night. These monoliths grew between 0.4 to 1.6 vas-unis in height. The flow and ebb was much lower, between the plasteel buildings slick and glinting in their own technological wonders, usually between 500 to 900 unis. The lowest traffic enforced by the INIASC is no lower than 250 unis. Beyond this distance, they could send you to jail for up to 5 years and the fines were between 100 credits and 250 gilded doubloons.

With our network of satellites, we new it was coming for us three years in advance. There was panic of course. Most people don’t know this, but at 0.5 vas-unis anything that crashes can bring down many vehicles that were in the lower trade lanes killing hundreds easily. Some fled one nation to another thinking their new home might provide better protection than another. Claims were made – some shelters could only take in single citizens, some would only take couples with their own children. One even said that they would only take civilians no older than 40. Some only accepted members of certain or singular faiths. Before long, these limitations began causing problems that hurt morale. Later, lives were taken.

Planet Fall was estimated to be six months. And still, we went to war.

There were four major conflicts: the Bhjze-Otodp Skirmishes, Hjordael and Ma’al conflicts along the Uot-Muklaan river systems, the sabvas and civola southern front, and the Killon offensive. The death toll was astronomical. We had about a month before we needed to seal the shelters, and then the Vhouj landed a ship in the Highlands of Escortia. They unloaded a device that was roughly 6 unis tall, maybe one and one-half in width. Just big enough to hold a human-sized life form.

Not long passed before the Ma’al came to the surface in a made a frenzied effort to collect the The Ma’al Conflict saw thousands die. The conflict could have escalated into war, but as soon as our sensors said it was safe to venture from the shelter, we did just that. And just as quick, the Ma’al offensive came to an abrupt end.

Before anyone realized what had happened, it exploded. Sensors in the shelters could give us very little information but they did record an undetermined amount and formation of arcane energy blew out in all directions. We locked our selves into CRADELs and we prayed this would be all that we needed to survive the Fall.

But the CRADELs were a band-aid. One CRADEL would lack the water supplies, another might be too near a Ma’al tribe, Some did not have air, many did not have the required food or even tools. For all our preparation we did more damage to each other than the Ma’al.

The Ma’al Conflict saw thousands die. The conflict could have escalated into war, but as soon as our sensors said it was safe to venture from the shelter, we did just that. And just as quick, the Ma’al offensive came to an abrupt end.

But we could not understand this; our home lands, they were nothing like what we had left behind.

Between the Vhouj weapon and the fallen star… well, there was no telling which did more damage. The very centre of the Escortian landscape was inverted – the once monumental Khaa’an Mountians were… inverted, creating a huge crater and probably was the point of Planet Fall. There were no trees. No animals. Nothing.

Our most skilled mages sent their Sight across the lands. They could See that the borders of Escortia were striking up like so many pikes prepared to hold against charging cavalry. Most of the other lands were submerged completely and a series of island chains were all that could be seen.

So we set out, searching to find ourselves. We could see remnants of our skyscrapers and acropoli. But none of it seemed safe. The wreckage was immense. We tried to reclaim our fellow survivors, but some of the shelters were blasted by what we could only guess to be Ma’al magic.

So we search. For them, for our own. Our friends and allies and even our enemies. If we don’t do something and soon, we may lose this world completely.