Former political people now leading the fight for survival


Agility d4
Smarts d4
Spirit d4
Strength d6
Vigour d6

Reach (-1); Multi-Limbed (-2); Vigour d6 (-2); Pace 8 (-1); Climbing d6 (-2); Persuasion d6 (-1)

Skill Focus: Fighting – Close Quarters

Ciiom’m Bonus: +5
Dream Bonus: 0

Kraeomantic Siphon (3); Resilient Oer (2); Animosity – Ma’al (1); Sleeping Stars (3)

Hair – light brown to almost coal black; kehf are always singularly one shade.
Eyes – any between pale yellow to a deep violet
Height – between 6.2 and 8.2 unis
Weight – 195 and 265 hex

Age Range: Juvenal – 5; Early Adulthood – 13; Mid-Life – 40; Late Adulthood – 75; Elderly – 120


First Impressions
Kehf are primates not unlike chimpanzees. Their hair is thicker, and they have three tails much more powerful than their arms. Oversized fangs create a feral imagery. They have a noble and powerful demeanour, almost as if they are always looking down at those around them. They use piercings to indicate rank within a tribe – the more limited, the higher in rank (the theory being that it takes these adornments to allow them to appear and interact with elders who have no need for such trappings). They will also shave parts of their arms and legs to show off fancy tattoos in bright colours. These tattoos are personal and have no bearing on rank.

Physique and Psyche
Between 5.5 and 6.2 unis/130 to 170 hex in weight. Kehf do not run on all fours and they walk upright. They are a hardy people, able to keep pushing themselves past the point where others might give up.

>>>This is not limited to game mechanics; it is an attitude that should be played with conviction (like in the Captain America film, “I can do this all day”.<<<

Arcane Methods
Kehf utilise magic for a social and communication mechanism. They are known to use mind magics to speak telepathically with anyone whom the kehf is at least familiar with. Protection from the elements, summoning animals for consumption, or boosting their own Traits or those of their allies.

On Spiritual Natures
Kehf are perhaps the only mien that have come to a black and white reality – they will not speak for any Divine power since Adeaia was left without. None of the newer generations are even taught about the Divine in a historic view. If another speaks of the Divine, a kefh will outright ignore the conversation and they will never speak of their reasoning.

Allies and Antagonists
The Kehf are singularly polarised by the whole mien people known as the Ma’al. Most of the hostility manifests due to the mien relationships from Before. Kehf are not even likely to judge the Ma’al on a case by case situation, though many other folk on Adeaia might do just that. The Kehf have a strong working relationship with every mien that survived the Elderstar.

Exploration Motivations
To the individual, the kehf are united in recovering anything from Before. Historical artefacts, magic trinkets, enchantments, Pillars, Shrines, and other survivors that might have managed to survive in the relative isolation.


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