And the strong do not rule; the strong support their leaders.


Agility d4
Smarts d4
Spirit d4
Strength d8
Vigour d4

Epic Strength (-3); Intimidation d6 (-1); Brawler Edge (-2)

Skill Focus: Survival – Tracking

Ciiom’m Bonus: +2

Dream Bonus: +2

Poor Smarts (3); Blunt and To the Point (1); Phobia: being alone (+2)

Hair – Their hair grows with two distinctions – hair on face and scalp ranged in blue-green tones. They also have thick bands of hair over the arms, down the spine and the front and rear of his legs; patterns on the legs tend to be shade ranging from caramel and black.
Eyes – change colours dependant upon the Nakuron’s state of mind.
Height – between 8.9 and 10.7 unis
Weight – 300 and 575 hex

Age Range: Juvenal – 21; Early Adulthood – 65; Mid-Life – 80; Late Adulthood – 130; Elderly – 190


First Impressions
These relative giants are huge in size and heart. The Nakuron have a very slow birth rate and so they are not exactly a common sight anywhere in the Lands of the Star. Nakuron hate to be alone, so most stay in a nomadic society. Some will venture out across the land, but never alone. Indeed, their inability to cope with being alone may well be their only fear at all.

Physique and Psyche
Nakuron at their shortest tower two and sometimes three unis above any other mien.Their bodies are formed from a thick outer layer of hairs weaving around the entirety until it acts as a sort of armour as well a a heavy scaled body.

Arcane Methods
All Kakuron utilize magic is just another tool in the box. Since they often find themselves working as security or physical protection, they tend to have weapon and armour based Spells, as well as healing, all learned to serve their leader. To serve a purpose. It has been said the karuon can make an army with only ten souls.

On Spiritual Natures
Karuon are stubborn. When they found out that the Divine had left Adeaia, they just dropped all the trappings of religions. They had been told that the Divine were gone,. they just found themselves pulled into new technologies and service related work.

Allies and Antagonists
Even the Ma’al have no reason to antagonize these giants. When you see a pissed off Nakuron running in your direction, don’t stop and ask ’what’s wrong?’ No. You yell and scream and get the hell of the guy’s way. Nakurons are wanderer by nature. so they do their best as to not insinuate into a situation where they feel unneeded or even unwanted.

Exploration Motivations
The easy going nature of these giants makes when they move on, they do so, taking only what they may need. Nakurons never take from any camp or shelter with more than they need; in fact, they leave any of their own gear with the camp that they might feel as not needed for the next destination.


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