Agility d6
Smarts d4
Spirit d6
Strength d4
Vigour d4

Natural Flier – Flight d6 (-1); Flight Speed 10” (-2); ESP (-2)

Skill Focus: Flight – Endurance

Ciiom’m Bonus: +4
Dream Bonus: 0

Landcrawler (2); Poor Vigour (3)

Hair – none, but the colours manifest are usually anything from pale pink to crimson.
Eyes – Rujuut do not have eyes but their visual perception is in a thick centralised mass.
Height – between 3.2 and 5 unis
Weight – 85 and 135 hex

Age Range: Juvenal – 6; Early Adulthood – 14; Mid-Life – 35; Late Adulthood – 80; Elderly – 110


First Impressions
Most folk are a little reserved when encountering and rujuut. As mass of thick skin and ribbons like stretched out arms. They are a bit strange at first but they wear their intentions up their shoulders. As if, rujuut to the man, had done some great and terrible wrong to the whole of Adeaia. They take great pride to help everyone with whom they might encounter.

Physique and Psyche
Rujuut are just weird looking. Imagine human organs covered in transparent skin. Along their backs are rows of spines some reaching the entire length of their back. They have no head or arms, they move about by flying upon four leathery wings. They have six to eight tentacles that hang below them allowing for manipulation and interaction. Excepting that they hover at about eye level for most races, the Rujuut are between 3.2 and 4.9 unis but they generally only weigh between 30 and 75 hex.

Arcane Methods
Since rujuut perceive themselves as the protectors of Adeaia, they enjoy having the right tool for the encounter. Need ten unis or rope? The rujuut may need no rope, but he thought to pack ahead for his friends and allies. Need an extra ten hands? They know a Cantrip that makes it so. Need protection while every one’s asleep? Rujuut have a motion sensitive electric cage.

On Spiritual Natures
Rujuut actually search out any aspects of the Divine from Before. Thousands of vas-unis under water or high above the clouds. They don’t recall much more than the other survivors, but they have learned during their efforts – that there were things called Shrines, and that they are cracks between earthly arcane measures into… some things, and the Divine are responsible for these things. Also are locations known as Columns and there is great mystery, but they believe that Columns to be a sound theory.

Allies and Antagonists
Rujuut are very calm and understanding. Their persona allows them a civil meeting even with the Ma’al. There are some types that are convinced that the rujuut have some higher agenda they use the upright and honest demeanour. Every now and then, individual come away from the experience convinced of the truth behind rujuut. The honest and careful nature is in fact not a mask to wear around the others, but their nature is one of the safe things in the whole world as a constant among the chaos out in the ruins of the world Before.

Exploration Motivations
Always to learn, always to help. These tenants are immutable and can be seen before the whole mien.
And again, to the man, a rujuut moves from place to place, not only to help folk they encounter but to find any lost icons of the years left behind. Usually a “I need some help” is more than enough to get a rujuut to stand by your side.


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