These misfits of the open seas behave quite differently than anyone else....


Agility d4
Smarts d4
Spirit d6
Strength d4
Vigour d4

Aquatic (-2); Brave Edge (-2); Reach (-1)

Skill Focus: Taunt – Misdirection

Ciiom’m Bonus: +3

Dream Bonus: +4

Poor Strength (3); Surface Tracking (2)

Hair – none, but their flesh is a smooth yellow to golden hue.
Eyes – Saobulu have only one eye and the top of its body. They can manipulate the colour and brightness to signal allies, scare away predators or to hide itself . Even if no light is shown the saobulu remains normal sight as if it were on the surface.
Height – between 5.9 and 8.5 unis when walking upon the surface. While swimming is can compact itself to as little as 3.5 unis.
Weight – 250 and 450 hex

Age Range: Juvenal – 10; Early Adulthood – 19; Mid-Life – 45; Late Adulthood – 90; Elderly – 190


First Impressions
Something of a rogue race, the Saobulu are misfits and hooligans without exception. The more they like some one, the more attitude the Saobulu display. Among family and their closest friends theft, pranks and even traps can turn a little on the dangerous side. Anyone suffering from physical, emotional and mental hardship in dealing with such antics never really was such a good friend to begin with.

And they always give the rujuut the hardest time, above any else.

Physique and Psyche
Saobulu are a cephalopod race, almost identical to a large octopus with ten to twelve long tentacles, a huge beak like mouth at its centred underside. Saobulu are semi-aquatic, with a short neck topped by a huge bulbous eye that can rotate to see at any angle. Saobulu are just as comfortable on the surface, but they swim any chance they get.

Arcane Methods
Perhaps it is because of their attitude, but saobulu love duels, both mechanic and arcane. Should they throw a duel, it is the ultimate insult in saobulu’s mind. If he allows someone to kill himself, saobulu take that as a signal to cause malfeasant days each growing deeper and more hurtful until the saobulu decide to let the poor sap off the hook so that it has to swim to shore. If he makes it, that’s alright. He has then seen by the saobulu as a Chosen and will drop the matter completely. This is called the Dhnaurri, or the Death Trek.

Why does the arcane methods section describing this racial ritual? To the man, saobulu learn new magics specifically to make the Death Trek all the more personal.

On Spiritual Nature
For the most part, the saobulu have all but given up on the Divine. Every now and then one may curse by invoking it’s name. If they get pushed, they may say “Spirit help me”. But that is as far as it will get.

Allies and Antagonists
All jokes aside, saobulu loathe the Ma’al. The ma’al subjugated the vast population of saobulu to increase work pace of a series of tunnels between the surface the the Tomb of the Fell. Only the Fall of the Star has lessened a bit of the anger the saobulu. Three-hundred plus is a lot of pent up anger….

Exploration Motivation
For the most part, Saobulu don’t mind mixing with adventurers and going to all ends of Adeaia. Many gather in localized pods near water. They make themselves plain so those that should go looking will find them. And if Ma’al are nearby they are encouraged to leave before their presence is recognized. Some may delve the great depths in search for theologic sites to gain some insight into the departure of the Divine. But whatever motivated a saobulu – they always travel in group.


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