"Not everything, but everything you are looking for"


Agility d4
Smarts d4
Spirit d4
Strength d4
Vigour d6

Friendly (-2); Desert Borne (-3); Persuasion d6 (-2)

Skill Focus: Persuasion – Barter

Ciiom’m Bonus: +3

Dream Bonus: +1

Poor Strength(3); Cold Intolerance (1); Slow (1); Psychic Vulnerability (2)

Hair – semadi have no hair, instead they are coloured anything from rust red and coppers. A few with darker scales do crop out now and again.
Eyes – slim and nearly always to spot, they both shift in subtle patterns. This and their horned brow makes it a bit easier to identify them.
Height – 5.3 – 6.0 unis
Weight – 90 to 235 hex

Age Range: Juvenal – 8; Early Adulthood – 14; Mid-Life – 40; Late Adulthood – 95; Elderly – 175


First Impressions
Across the Hirdios Desert, only one clan has managed to form some manner of civilisation. The Semada have done this due to their open honesty, persuasion, and their war-time persona – they are cruel and sadistic against all enemies. Fortunately, they have a live and let live mindset.

Physique & Psyche
The Semada are a hardy reptilian humanoid with horns covering most of their body. These horns range from 0.1 to 0.5 unis in length, and they grow unique to the individual, which is how most folk tell them apart. Semada always drive to make the deal that makes both parties come away with everything smelling like aurh roses.

Arcane Methods
The semada have a secret to their not only being easy to find and it is easier to find something you may want in any given Semada bazaar. “Oh, look! those goggles are perfect for interface particles ejectors!” or"Wow, I lost the last GVC I was awarded medal. They’re on SALE?!?" These are subtle and powerful enchantments that bring those within 1 1/2 vas-unis into visual range of perceptions and second to have something the character might like (trinkets more than anything, little keepsakes, mythril silverware, and so on). It is considered such drawing evocations a master of their craft, earning 7% off all sales from those of lower ranks.

On Spiritual Natures
Anything that helps closes the sale. And that is the tag line.

Allies and Antagonists
Usually, if there is a cave entrance of bolt holes, they are closed up and weighted. No one wants a Ma’al to come out for a slave raid when your making a deal that nets you over 1000 bits. Should visitors result in violence, it is met with hissing and sharp claws and most likely given a sign of ill-report. Sadly such a mark actually makes it hard to find a bazaar.

Exploration Motivation
Motivation for exploring? If there is money involved, a semada is most likely to find you and offer a percentage. This may be a trade line favouring the semada, but within a certain range, semada troupes return and remember the brave Ot Ott Ti, the vaurian who saved his life. “Please my friend! The bazaar is open for you!” And such a meeting is more than a transaction of exchange money. Friends often get more than twenty per cent cut. Semada friendships often come down and have more meaning than cash. They go out of their way to pick up things they know their friends will like.


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