the Elmaghi

Tauric intelligent mien known for great spiritual power and patience



Agility d10
Smarts d10
Spirit d8
Strength d6
Vigour d6

Arcane Background – Channel Arcane Energy (-2); Ciiom’m Surge (-2); Spirit d6 (-2); Perfect Flier (-4); Flight Skill d6 (-1); Four Arms (-2); Large Size (-2); Mind Shield (false ones)

Skill Focus: Flight – Manoeuvrability

Ciiom’m Bonus: +4
Dream Bonus: +2

Poor Strength (3); Code of Honour (2); Curious (2); Tauric (2); Limited Strength (3);
Experience Modifier (
3); Awkward (+2)

Feathers – silver and gray
Eyes – Black with yellow iris
Height – 5.2 to 7.4 unis from waist up; shoulder to the ground – 4.6 to 6.4
Weight – 230 to 250 hex

Age Range: Juvenal – 17; Early Adulthood – 35; Mid-Life – 120; Late Adulthood – 215; Elderly – 340


First Impressions

The Elmaghi not native to Escortia, Daesoth, or even Ashithaan. They are native to a far away place that even they cannot recall the homeland’s true name. They retain a sort of psychic link to their homelands, providing even the spark of life.

Elmaghi are taurics, with their lower body is that of a large owl, wings and all and with talons on their rear feet, and fore feet like that of jaguar or leopard. The top portion (the human torso) is akin to a falcon or hawk, with two sets of arms, both ending in wickedly sharp talons. Around the head and the neck, the feathers are in a very think layer and almost look like a lion’s mane.

Physique and Psyche
Though they are large compared to most suffice dwelling miens, most of their seeming bulk is covered with feathers and a powerful skeleton structure allowing Elmaghi run at speeds near a Pace of 12, or sustained flight near 120 hex per hour.

Arcane Methods
Elmaghi take a more shamanistic approach when it comes to most matters arcane. They are one of the elder miens on Adeaia that manages to survive the Fall. They remember the Old Gods, the elemental ones, at least. Now, they take their past life and apply it to a world that no longer has any Divine presence.

On Spiritual Natures
Elmaghi are spiritual, though they follow no strictures. Instead they live within an elemental and spiritual, world of animism – where everything has a spirit and that one might learn to speak and understand them. It requires no skill or talent per say, it is simple as respecting the physical world and its spirits.

In animism, there is also the belief of the ‘false side’ or Athuuamr. These are spirits easily spoken to, but their innate evil will twist and turn a promise any way that they can. Elmaghi do not suffer such issues as part of the Rite of Passage is a mystical mental shield , doubling the difficulty to interaction with the false sides.

Allies and Antagonists
Elmaghi can get along with most miens, excepting the Ma’al and the semada. For the first, is should be understood the negative energies would almost a given statement by any surface dweller. They neither like the company of Semada for some unknown reason. Of course, this rarely breaks into violence because both understand that every survivor is going to need help from everyone else. There are so few survivors. Spilling blood is distasteful to the semada and abhorrent to the Elmaghi.

Exploration Motivations
Since stepping out of CRADLEs, it is no need to try and understand. Almost to the man, the elmaghi leapt into the skies and most were never seen again. Those that did come back were babbling about giant monsters, massive gorges of strange black rock formations. Since then, they are hesitant to fly without being in eyesight of fellow survivors.

the Elmaghi

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