the Jminlii

Protectors of the seas, soldiers across the lands.


Agility d10
Smarts d4
Spirit d6
Strength d8
Vigour d8

Aquatic (-2); Strong Swimmer (-2); Vigour d6 (-2); Water Borne (-3)
Skill Focus: Fighting – Polearms

Ciiom’m Bonus: +3
Dream Bonus: 0

Surface Blindness (2); Sluggish (1); Poor Strength (3)
Experience Modifier (

Skin – blue and pearlescent scales
Eyes – stark white, though a black eyelid closes when the jminli is threatened
Height – 7.2 to 9.2 unis from waist up; their tails range between 4.5 to 7.2 unis
Weight – 350 to 510 hex

Age Range: Juvenal – 6; Early Adulthood – 14; Mid-Life – 70; Late Adulthood – 300; Elderly – 1000


First Impressions
The Agethu Seas are a series of huge inland lakes far too large to be simply called lakes or ponds. The Agethu are known for quite a few things – underground thermal venting that keeps the Seas warm all-year long, beds and hives of several dangerous creatures such as the Ithiulo and Kck’ioahl, and a flourishing underwater kingdom known as the Jminlii Waters. Jminli strive to live in harmony with the world around them.

Physique & Psyche
Jminlii have a thick eyelid that acts as protection from… just about anything. It is the one tell tail item that is a warning prior to violence. A jminli shutting this lid can end most fights prior to them ever getting started.

Arcane Methods
Jminlii take a practical approach to the arcane cantrips or casting. Most typically they have a series of short term effects they have personally created to be used in combat or hostile environments. Elemental bolts, sensory perception, increasing Traits for short spans and so forth. They tend to shy away from illusion, soul casting but instead focusing on what they refer to as Battle Magic. Indeed, such practical measures means that most anyone desiring such lessons will go straight to the jminlii. Fortunately, their practical measures and their disposition keeps an open mind and giving heart.

On Spiritual Matters
Jminlii have a strange relation with the Divine powers. The simply ignore the Divine from Before. Instead they tend to take a shamanistic method with spirits that dwell with every element of Adeaia. They are not solitary in this approach, but they do not imply their beliefs upon others.

Allies and Antagonists
Perhaps obviously, the jminlii get along famously with most aquatic miens such as the saobulu. Under the sea’s horizon, there is a whole new world to search for CRADLEs and other shelters.
The jminlii do not universally distrust the Ma’al, but they take their interactions with them on a case by case basis. Again, practical measures.

Exploration Motivations
As mentioned previously, jminlii search the coral reefs and shallow waters almost as a police force, offering protection and navigators for those that would search under the waves. As a self appointed guardians of the seas of Adeaia, they will search for any truth that will allow the other miens of surface life can rely upon the truths the jminlii are capable of bringing to those who are otherwise ignorant.

the Jminlii

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