The Valkosi

How do you tell them apart?!


Agility d4
Smarts d6
Spirit d6
Strength d4
Vigour d4

Multi-Limbs (-3); Spirit d6 (-2); Stealth d6 (-1); Contortionist (-2); Reach (+1)

Skill Focus: Climbing – Sure Grip

Ciiom’m Bonus: +1

Dream Bonus: +5

Poor Strength (3); Poor Vigour (3); Black and White Vision (1); Cannot Swim (3)

Valkosi have no hair. Their skin is usually a pale yellow to a dusky orange.
Eyes – scattered and black. An adult Valkosi may have any number from thirty-six to nearly one hundred. The older, the more legs.
Height – 4.5 to 6.5; though their many legs can give them a great height advantage up to three times their natural shape and size.
Weight – 75 to 120 hex

Age Range: Juvenal – 4; Early Adulthood – 14; Mid-Life – 45; Late Adulthood – 95; Elderly – 140


First Impressions
Valkosi are curious little things. They enjoy crawling through caves, through ancient temples, across the Blasted Lands and even in aquatic depths. Their curiosity known no end. Nor does their need to experiment with new ideas or techniques in any medium from combat to psionic disciplines.

Physique& Psyche
Males and females differ dramatically in appearance: males tend to have a more defined skeletal form where the females are a bit more fluid in movement and form. Both genders can flatten itself upon the ground or among rock. Valkosi are the ultimate spies and scouts due to its folding body

Arcane Matters
For the most port, valkosi abstain for anything excepting a handful or Cantrips one generation to the next. They have some shelter psionics that come only as Dream. Since most people are leery of the Dreaming, customers ensure they are no where near Dreamers.

On Spiritual Natures
Strangely, the valkosi still revere their ancestral and Divine methods where most everyone else has given up and not expect nothing from them for sure. Valkosi have two new Traits – certainty and doubt; these Traits can manipulate their control of any Divine powers they may manifest. They never perform their rites away from others.

The Valkosi

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