Where the Action Is!
Here are the central themes...

Included in the core rule book, three Plot Point Campaigns and a goodly amount of One-Sheets to ease you into the Elderstar universe.

Severed Skull Pass –
A half-goblin haunts a mountain pass, ending all trading and travel defiantly. Restore trade and end his twelve year reign.

The Pit of Ungloth –
One of the Malghoun has been spotted and hunted down into a pit of dark, black rock. The catch is a group of Ma’al are using the fiend as a sort of gatekeeper to one of their underground strongholds.

I, Drun Challdune –
An infamous historian tries to prove that his concepts and planning might have been able to save Adeaia from the Elderstar.

Five Flats Worth –
The town of Brenth has been targeted by Ma’al slavers, begging for aid. They are unable to offer much in the way of equipment, trade goods of even cold hard cash. Will you save them, proving the truth of the principles of peace of the Sordia, the accords of the Elmaghi or leave them to the harsh new reality?

I Told You –
The mad sage Sagarathas is seen in several towns and city-states, all around the same time. His ramblings, as he says, are the only reason that Adeaia did not end with the Elderstar destroying the planet. He has challenged all people of knowledge of the event, claiming that he was right all along.

From the Depths –
An underwater CRADLE is being attacked by strange monsters and a mien known only as the Quarerea. Can you find out about the attackers and save this bastion of survival.

The Sjionn Mines –
A cave system was blown open upon Star Fall, revealing a huge vault used by the Ma’al as a staging area. Can the Ma’al be dealt with before they realise that they are exposed?

Survival at the Iphrik Ruins –
An old city-state from Before is home to a tribe of Nakuron never encountered before. Can they be approached peacefully, or are these new tribesmen too far away from the normal Mien?

These are but a few adventures run as One-Sheet Adventures. Most of them take place After the Fall, but they can be revisited in the Before or the World War against the Vhouj.


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